Shabbat Schedule

10:30 Worship Service / Liturgy

11:30 Message / Children’s classes

Thank you for saving your questions & comments until the end of the message.

Children are dismissed before the Torah reading to the upstairs room. Youth are dismissed after the Torah reading to the room inside the fenced playground along Oka Rd. Children's classes end about 15 minutes after the message. Please remain quiet if you enter the upper room before Kiddush begins.

1:15-1:30 Prayer for Healing with Savta/Yudit downstairs

1:15 Kiddush & Oneg Shabbat potluck upstairs

After our morning service is a time of fellowship with noshing and schmoozing in our upper room above the sanctuary. A ramp is available to access the room upstairs. Lunch is provided by the donation of many generous hearts and hands. Everyone is invited to partake, and contribute your favorite dairy or fish (must have scales and fins) dish — no meat or shellfish please. Also welcome are pasta, bean, fruit, vegetable, egg, or grain dishes, and we can always use bottles of fruit juice, canned tuna, and mac and cheese boxes as back up. Everyone is expected to clear off their own tables and their neighbors' if needed. Oneg is not a catered event! If you or a child spills food or drink on the rug, please clean it up, or ask for assistance if you are not capable.

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