Upcoming Events

Tuesday Night Study 7:00pm
1st: 11/7 - Bible study with Elder John/Prayer with Savta. Yudit
2nd: 11/14 - Rabbi Cohen-“Shadows of the Messiah”
3rd: 11/21 - Prayer with Savta. Yudit
4th: 11/28 - Rabbi Cohen-“Shadows of the Messiah”

Chanukah party
Saturday, 12/16/2017 (start time to be announced.)
After Havdalah we will light the Chanukah candles. We will have a raffle, games and craft stations by age for the children. There will be a talent show for the children.

Sunday, 12/17/2017 (start time to be announced.)
We will need volunteers to set up, take down, play dreidel, sing songs, make sufganiyot, latkes, etc... anything greasy or dairy.  See Savta for more info.

In the future we want to have a talent show/ concert with dinner fundraiser to raise money for our new building.  There will be auditions.  We also want to auction off some nice baskets.

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